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Adjustable Bimetallic Thermostat 10A 250VAC

1. Rated Current and voltage: 16A 240VAC
2 . Action Temp. : 30±5℃~75±5℃
3 . Over-heated cut off temp. : 90℃±5℃
4 . Electrical Strength: AC 50Hz 1800V without breakdown
5 . Insulation resistance: ≥500MΩ
6 . Spring action life: 100,000times

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Product Details

1. Specification

KST thermostat, bi-metal thermostat, KST bi-metal thermostat

Temperature range of KST thermostat: 30-300°

Life: Geq.30, 000 cycles

KST switch


2. Feature:

Either can be used as temperature control device or temperature protection device

For use wherever the temperature of a metal surface/air is to be controlled

Available with different temperature ranges and differentials:

Stable performance

Reliable snap action

Little flashover

Long working life

Little radio interference

3. Technical parameters of Adjustable Bimetallic Thermostat 10A 250VAC 

Electric rating of KST thermostat: 10A/250V or 15A/125V

Temperature range of KST thermostat range: 30-300°C

Precision of KST thermostat :±( 4-5%)°C

Maximum ambient temperature: 250°C

Working life of KST thermostat: 30,000 cycles

Angle of rotating shaft: design available upon request

Electrical strength: 2,000V AC/1min

Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ

Insulation resistance: >100mΩ


4. Production:


5. Packing:


6. Certificate:


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