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Manual Reset Thermostat 250V 16A

1. Temperature Range 85°C ~ 135°C
2. Length of Capillary:Standard: 400mm
3. Material of Capillary:Copper
4. Diameter of Sensing Bulb:3mm
5. Electric Rating:20A-250VAC
6. Wiring Diagram: Double Pole Single Throw (DPST)
7. Material of Terminal:Brass
8. Size of The Nut: 1-M10
9. Min. Capillary Bend Radius: 5mm

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Product Details

1. Specification:

Place of   Origin

Guangdong,   China (Mainland)

Brand Name

Thermal   International

Model   Number


Place of   Origin

Guangdong,   China



Temperature   range of temperature limiter

-35   degree-320 degree

Life of   temperature limiter

6000   Cycles

Reset   Type


2. Description:

Temperature limiter: -35C -- 320C
Life of temperature limiter: 6,000 cycles
Manual Reset Temperature limiter

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Principle of Operation

With temperature rise, the expansion of liquid medium filled in sensing bulb & bellow part drives the switch ON/OFF through leverage function to maintain a desired set point temperature.

3. Features: 

Liquid-filled type

Manual reset high temperature limit switch

Accurate temperature control

Little difference on on/off temperature

Broad range of temperature control

Long life usage

WKF temperature limiters are widely used in most household appliances (electric kettle, electric heater, oven, rolling-type washing machine, water boiler etc. ), refrigeration industry (refrigerator, ice-maker, cold drinks-maker etc. ), and medical industry as well

4. Technical Parameter: 

Temperature   Range of temperature limiter:

–35°C ~   +320°C

Electric   Rating:

16 ( 3 )   A – 250V ~ 10( 1.8 ) A – 400V

Min.   Current:


Electrical   Strength:

AC   2000V/1min

Normal   Insulation Resistance:


Wet   Insulated Resistance:


Contact Resistance:


Temperature   Response Rate:


Life   (Cycles) of temperature limiter:



S. P. S.   T or S. P. D. T

5. Production:


6. Certificate:


7. Packing:


8. Contact us:

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*Specifications of WKF Temperature limiters can be made by request.

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