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Probe-type Temperature Sensing Thermostat With Capillary Tube

Probe-type Temperature Sensing Thermostat With Capillary Tube

We're an experienced factory with our exclussive Research & Development team. Offering you the most professional service.

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Probe-type Temperature Sensing Thermostat with Capillary Tube

1. Product technical parameters:

  1. temperature setting range: - 35 ~ 320degree Celsius

  2. capillary length: according to customer requirements

  3. temperature bag size: according to customer requirements

  4. current and voltage: 16a / 250 v 50 / 60 Hz

  5. sensitivity: 3 ~ 10degree Celsius

  6. mounting dimensions: 28 0.25 mm

  7. main body temperature: t150

  8. current intensity: 800 v / s between two pins

  9. insulation resistance: ≥ 100 m Ω

  10. pin resistance: ≤ 50m Ω

  11. service life: ≥ 100,000 times

  12. with ce CQC TUV rosh SGS certification

2. Unique Specification available:

1). control mode: mechanical controlling mode

2). hole size: 28±0.25(mm)

3). output signal: 50mA

4). temperature measurement error: no more than 8degree Celsius

3. Instructions for Use:

  • when the temperature controller is installed, the temperature sensing pipe is pressed against the surface controlled by the temperature as much as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate temperature control;

  • do not install the temperature tube pressure deformation, so as not to affect its performance;

  • do not let the conductive gas or conductive material into the thermostat or pollution thermostat surface so as not to affect the electrical insulation performance;

  • switch box is electrical ceramic parts to take light put, avoid damage;

  • capillary bend radius cannot be less than 5 mm.

4. Order Instruction:

  1. the size and initial rotation angle of the rotating shaft shall be set according to the customer's requirements;

  2. the disconnect temperature and its characteristic curve shall be determined according to the matching test between the customer's finished product and the temperature control;

  3. the terminal size specifications and direction of a variety of capillary and sheath tube length can be arbitrary choice with the customer;

  4. in order to facilitate the customer to install the thermostat, thermostat can also be welded in different diameters of temperature sensing bag.

5. Product Presentation:





Details about Caps:


6. Packing:

7. Workplant:

8. Certificate we have:


9. About Us:



1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: We're an experienced spare parts factory with our exclussive Research & Development team. 
    Offering you the most professional service. 
2. Will you accept customized requirement?
A: Of course, customized service is surely acceptable. Welcome to send us your drawing and more detailed           specification parameters. We can supply you the products as per your specific requirements. 
3. Could I get some sample?
A: Yes, generally, 1pc sample for free is available. But if you need more samples, we may need to charge you       some cost. Besides, for certain products, it may need to open mold before sampling, then we shall need to         have the mold fee before sample. 
4. What's the delivery time for sample?
A: Generally it shall take 5~7days. For certain products, we need to prepare the materials for it. That depends.
5. What do you generally do in regarding to the products' quality control? 
A: We always put much emphasis on products quality. That's the priority. We shall contact strict quality                 inspection towards the products before delivery. And we've obtained the VDE, CE, UL, ISO and so forth. 

10. Inquiry Needed:

  • detailed specification parameters;

  • customers' sample or technical drawing for further quotation;

  • expected order quantity

  • prepared way of delivery

  • prepared terms of payment

  • whether there's the screen-printing or packing requirements or not.

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