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Ceramic Thermostat with VDE Certificate

Ceramic Thermostat with VDE Certificate

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Product Details

                                       Welcome to buy the ceramic thermostat with vde certificate with our factory. We're one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, offering you the best after-sale service and fast delivery. Please be free to get the free sample from us.

Product Detail

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Detailed Product Description

Detailed Product Description

1. KSD301 Bimetal Thermostat
2. Rating: 10A/13A/15A/16A-250V
3. Life: 10000-50000 cycles
5. Bimetal Thermostat

6. Cap: Movable(H type)
7. Terminal: 180degree

KSD301 Bimetal Thermostat 250V 10A

In the picture shown below, there is a series of KSD301 Bimetal Thermostat. It is proven safety and reliability at an affordable price. That's the reason why the Bimetal Thermostat is widely applied in the major electrical appliances. Various terminals and mounting configurations are available for maximum design flexibility. The snap action of the temperature sensing bimetallic disc provides high-speed contact separation. In this Bimetal Thermostat, the switch can be built to either open or close its electrical contacts on temperature rise. Once the temperature of the bimetallic disc has returned to your specified reset temperature, the contacts will automatically return to their original state. Typical uses of this construction include limiting and controlling temperatures in all kinds of heating systems.

Additional Features of Bimetal Thermostat

Available in a wide temperature range and differential

Available with automatic and manual reset designs

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