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Silicon Rubber Heater with CE Certificate

Silicon Rubber Heater with CE Certificate

We specialized in spare parts both for home appliance and industrial use. Mainly about the heating element, timer, switch etc.

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Product Details

                                       Welcome to buy the silicon rubber heater with ce certificate with our factory. We're one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, offering you the best after-sale service and fast delivery. Please be free to get the free sample from us.

Product Details

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Silicon Rubber Heater with CE

Product Description

Temperature Rating:400°F(204°C)maximum operating

Size/Shape Limitations:Maximum width of 48 inches, no maximum length

Thickness:~0.06 inch(Single-Ply)~0.12 inch(Dual-Ply)

Voltage:Any AC or DC

Wattage:Customer specified(Normal maximum of 5 watts of 5 watts per square inch)

Power lead wire:Silicone rubber, SJ Power Cord, or Teflon insulated stranded wire



1. Silicon Rubber Heating Pad/Sheet has advantages of thinness, lightness, sticky and flexibility.

2. It can improve heat transfer, accelerate warming and decrease power under the process of operation.

3. They are heating fast and thermal conversion efficiency high.



(1) Heating fast and long time using

(2) Flexible and customization

(3) Waterproof and non-toxic

Before purchasing, Please confirm the size first ( Iength*wide*thickness)


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