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Stainless Steel Tubular Finned Oven Heating Element

Stainless Steel Tubular Finned Oven Heating Element

Manufacturer / supplier of spare parts for Home Appliance & Industrial Use in China, offering thermostat, heating element, timer, indicated lamp, hot plate, ceramic item etc. We've been establishing our market in USA, South Africa, Korea, Turkey etc.

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Product Overview:

Stainless Steel Tubular Finned Oven Heating Element




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Technical requirements:

1. Place of origin: China(mainland)

2. Diameter of tube: 6~20mm. Can be customized. 

3. Material of tube: Stainless steel304/316/Titanium/Incoloy800, customized. 

4. Material of fins: SS304/316

5. Rated power & voltage: customized. from 120V~240V

6. Warranty: generally one year. Depends on the working environment. 

7. Research & Development department: Yes and available. 

8. Certificate: CE. 

9. Sample: offered. 

10. MOQ: 1000pcs. Negotiable

11. Package: standard packing. 

About Us:

Thermal International Co., Ltd.

Offer spare parts of all kinds to customers from home and abroad. 

Our workplant:

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