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220V Non-standard Customized Energy-saving Coil Heater

220V Non-standard Customized Energy-saving Coil Heater

Manufacturer / supplier of spare parts for Home Appliance & Industrial Use in China, offering thermostat, heating element, timer, indicated lamp, hot plate, ceramic item etc. We've been establishing our market in USA, South Africa, Korea, Turkey etc.

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Product Details

Production Introduction:

220V Non-standard Customized Energy-saving Coil Heater

1. Product pics presentation:






2. Notice when ordering:





(with or without)

Wire length(m)Cross section(cm²)

3. General Features:

  • Heating wire section: square, round, etc.

  • A variety of options according to customer requirements.

  • Spring ring shell material: 321 material: high temperature oxidation resistance.

  • The resistance wire is imported from Sweden, the outer sleeve is clean and tidy, high temperature

    resistant, and the wire is pure nickel wire.

  • The form mode of that heating filament is satin compression, the magnesium pow is imported from Japan, the high-density combined with various high-quality processes are unique.

  • The four wires have no overlapping, high bending yield, durability and uniform heating.

  • Insulation above 500 megohm, resistance plus or MINUS 5 %.

4. Advantages & Disadvantages of the Hot Runner Technology:


1. Save raw materials and reduce costs.

2. Shorten the molding cycle and improve machine efficiency

3. Improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of products.

4. No need to use three plate molds to use the point gate.

5. It can be economically used to form individual products with side gate.

6. Improve the degree of automation.

7. Use needle valve type gate to control sprue freeze.

8. The quality of injection molded parts of multi-mode cavity mold is consistent.

9. Improve the surface appearance of injection molding products.

10. Can use the small injection pressure, and effectively reduce the rear variation of thin wall products.

However, each technology has its own shortcomings, and the hot runner technology is no exception:

1. Complex mould structure, high cost and high maintenance cost.

2. It will take a period of time to stabilize the machine, causing a lot of waste.

3. When there is the melt leakage and the heating element failure, the product quality and the production schedule will be greatly affected. 

The third drawback that mentioned above can be reduced by purchasing high-quality heating elements, hot flow slabs and nozzles with carefully maintainment. 

5. Technical Characteristics:

       The product adopts stainless steel raw materials, is not limited by the specification size and product shape in the process, and can be designed according to the requirements to meet the needs of customers. And has that characteristic of reasonable structure, attractive appearance, stable performance, fast heating, uniform heat dissipation, safety and reliability, electricity save, long service life, good insulation performance, high voltage resistance and the like. But also has the advantages of convenient installation, rapid heat transfer and good insulation performance.

6. About Us:


7. About Packing:

8. Terms of payment:

L/C, T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union, etc.

9. Our advantages:

  1. Easy installation.

  2. Fast heat exchange rate.

  3. Long transfer of heat radiation.

  4. Excellent corrosion resistance.

  5. Designed and built for safety.

  6. Low cost with long service life and high efficiency.

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