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Factory Customized Cartridge Heater Tubular Heater

Factory Customized Cartridge Heater Tubular Heater

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Factory Customized Cartridge Heater Tubular Heater    





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Introduction of the Cartridge Heater:

      The cartridge heater has adopted the metal tube as the shell (including the stainless steel & copper), setting the spiral electric heating alloy wire (like the nickel-chromium and iron-chromium alloy) along the central axis of the tube, and then fill the gaps with magnesia sand of good insulation and thermal conductivity. In addition, sealed the ends with silica gel. This kind of metal heating element can not only heat the air, but also can heat the metal mold and liquids of all kinds.

Influence of cartridge heater heating process

       All the manufacturers wish to product the most durable cartridge heater. If it can be used for a long time, it can not only save the unnecessary expenses, but also improve the final quality of the heating element during the process. Since practice makes perfect. Heat treatment shall be needed if want to extend the service life time. Then what influence will be during the process? The deformation of cartridge heater after heat treatment is generally considered to be caused by cooling, which is not correct. For cartridge heater, especially the cartridge heater with special & complex techniques, the processing technology usually has a great impact on the deformation. If you compare the technology process of some of the cartridge heater, you may find that the faster heating speed usually lead to the great deformation. 

Production Technology:

Composition: High temperature resistant seamless thick wall stainless steel

                    High temperature resistant modified magnesium powder

                    High temperature resistant glass fiber pure nickel wire

                    Pure nickel wire

                    Alloy wire 2080

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Standard Export Packing:



Inquiry Needed:

1. drawing;

2. sample;

3. voltage & power;

4. pipe material;

5. length;

6. order quantity, etc.(detailed specification information)

7. prepared way of delivery. 

Terms of Payment: 

Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram, L/C

Way of Delivery:

Express Delivery, Container Delivery, customized. 

Welcome to contact if there's any interest! We shall reply you immediately and professionally!


1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: We're an experienced factory with our exclussive Research & Development team. 
    Offering you the most professional service. 
2. Will you accept customized requirement?
A: Of course, customized service is surely acceptable. Welcome to send us your drawing and more detailed           specification parameters. We can supply you the products as per your specific requirements. 
3. Could I get some sample?
A: Yes, generally, 1pc sample for free is available. But if you need more samples, we may need to charge you       some cost. Besides, for certain products, it may need to open mold before sampling, then we shall need to         have the mold fee before sample. 
4. What's the delivery time for sample?
A: Generally it shall take 5~7days. For certain products, we need to prepare the materials for it. That depends.
5. What do you generally do in regarding to the products' quality control? 
A: We always put much emphasis on products quality. That's the priority. We shall contact strict quality                 inspection towards the products before delivery. And we've obtained the VDE, CE, UL, ISO and so forth.                   

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