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Injection Molding Machine SS/Ceramic/Copper Mica Band Heater

Injection Molding Machine SS/Ceramic/Copper Mica Band Heater

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Product Overview

Product Introduction:

Injection Molding Machine SS/Ceramic/Copper Mica Band Heater

1. Characteristics of the Injection molding machine Band Heater:

  1. adopting the high temperature resistant mica plate, is equipped with the good features of high temperature resistance, good insulation and other characteristics.

  2. the heating ring of injection molding machine adopts high temperature resistant heating wire, which has the advantages of fast heat dissipation, uniform heat dissipation, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and so on.

  3. injection molding machine heating ring with hexagonal bolt fastening, firm and reliable, easy installation.

  4. adopting the special stainless steel from Japan, it makes the surface of the heating component beautiful, and has the advantages of uniform heat dissipation, bear high temperature and so on.

2. General Specifications:

  • [product name]: stainless steel electric ring, electric ring, mica electric ring.

  • [input voltage]: normal 220 v, or customized according to customer requirements 36 v ~ 380 v;

  • [main material]: stainless steel, mica sheet;

  • [heating temperature]: < 350 ℃;

  • [product power]: in principle, customized according to customer requirements, but not more than the bearing capacity;

  • [size]: size is not limited, can be customized as per customers' specific needs;

  • [wiring]: terminal, tile jade, can be customized according to customer requirements;

  • [application]: plastic machine, betting machine, pulling machine, etc.

3. Product Presentations:





4. Instructions for the Electric Band Heater

       (1). The working voltage shall not exceed 10% of the rated value;

       (2). The wiring part shall be placed outside the heating layer and insulation layer, and the enclosure shall be effectively grounded.

       (3). Keep it in a dry place.(stainless steel heating coil products can be customized to provide drawings, voltage, power and size)

5. Heat Calculation: 

       The calculation of the calorific value of the electric heating tube can be changed by changing the input voltage and current with the voltage regulator.

       The calorific value is proportional to the square of the voltage and to the square of the current.

  • When the voltage becomes 1 / 2, the heat value becomes 1 / 4;

  • When the current becomes 1 / 2 of the original value, the calorific value also becomes 1 / 4.

6. Working Principle:

       The electric heat pipe of that water heat is formed by filling high-temperature resistance wires in a high-temperature-resistant seamless pipe ( stainless steel pipe and copper pipe ), tightly fil magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulating property in a gap part, shrinking the pipe, and processing into the required shape of the water heater, so that the heat efficiency is high and the heat generation is uniform. When a current flows through the high-temperature resistance wire, the generated heat is diffused to the surface of the metal pipe through the filled magnesium oxide powder and then transferred to the heated piece or the air to achieve the purpose of heating.

7. Packing:


8. Certificate:


9. Delivery:


       For sample or trial order of small quantity, we shall advise the Express Delivery for the high-efficient shipment. And for bulk purchase, we generally apply to the sea transportation. Of course, that would depend on the customers' requirements. 

10. Contact Us:


Thermal International Co., Ltd.

1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: We're an experienced factory for industrial band heater, with our exclussive Research & Development team. 
    Offering you the most professional service. 
2. Will you accept customized requirement?
A: Of course, customized service is surely acceptable. Welcome to send us your drawing and more detailed           specification parameters. We can supply you the products as per your specific requirements. 
3. Could I get some sample?
A: Yes, generally, 1pc sample for free is available. But if you need more samples, we may need to charge you       some cost. Besides, for certain products, it may need to open mold before sampling, then we shall need to         have the mold fee before sample. 
4. What's the delivery time for sample?
A: Generally it shall take 5~7days. For certain products, we need to prepare the materials for it. That depends.
5. What do you generally do in regarding to the products' quality control? 
A: We always put much emphasis on products quality. That's the priority. We shall contact strict quality                 inspection towards the products before delivery. And we've obtained the VDE, CE, UL, ISO and so forth. 

11. Our advantages:

1). Easy installation.

2). Fast heat exchange rate.

3). Long transfer of heat radiation.

4). Excellent corrosion resistance.

5). Designed and built for safety.

6). Low cost with long service life and high efficiency.

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