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Wire Harness for Water Heater

Wire Harness for Water Heater

T10 Light, LED T10, T10 manufacturer / supplier in China, offering T10 3528 28SMD DC12V LED Indicated Light, H4 CREE 18*2W White AC/DC8-28V LED Headlight, 12*75mm 3LED 5050 White LED Module and so on.

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Product Details

                                       Welcome to buy the wire harness for water heater with our factory. We're one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, offering you the best after-sale service and fast delivery. Please be free to get the free sample from us.

Product Details

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Indicated Lamp, Neon Bulb, Braid wire 

Wire Harness for Water Heater


1.All kinds of sizes 

2.All kinds of color 

3.Good quality 

Specification of 10mm plastic remote indicating lamp

LED Color:red/ green /yellow /blue /white/orange

LED Voltage: 3v/6v/12v/24v/36v/48v/110v/220v

Panel mounting hole: 8mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,20mm,22mm

Terminal Types pin terminals/screw terminals/wire terminals

Housing Material: copper plating,stainless steel ,plastic


They are widely used in household appliances, electric force, 

telecommunications, machine tool, vessel, textile, printing, 

Mining machine, automotive, etc.


1. Brand NEW and High Quality
2. Usded in Signal Light
3. Energy saving, lower power consumption, long life expectancy
4. Simple installation, plug and play, no change line,
5. Energy saving, low power consumption, high efficiency, load current small, now oil is too expensive, 10% of fuel used in automotive bulbs, change with leds can effectively save fuel, protect the car lines.
6. Low calorific, is more advantageous to safety.
7. Corresponding time quick, traditional light bulb glow, preheat the delay, have three tenths, 40KM/hour, 0.4 seconds can also drive 4.4 metres. LED lights, no delay. Can effectively prevent rear-end collision.
8. Strong vibration resistance, glass, tungsten structure.
9. longevity and durable
10. Color pure, bright color, high brightness

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