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High-Conductivity PTC Heating Element For Electric Heater

1.Working voltage: 12-240V. Both AC & DC are available.
2.Working condition(humidity): less than 90% relative humidity
3.Protection class: IPII(guaranteed)
4.Main part: Aluminum
5.Mounting: screw fitting
6.Fitting: Customized as per request
7.Features: long service life, efficient, no noise etc.
8.Application: Hand dryer/Air-hotting dryer/Clothing dryer/Shoes dryer/Dish dryer, etc.

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Product Details

Product Info.

1. Introduction:

      What we called the heating element is generally used to convert the electricity/electric energy into heat. With the power being connected, the current will pass through the inside element, in the meanwhile, it will encounter the resistance, then will lead to the heating of the element equipment, thus achieve the final heating purpose. Different from the Peltier Effect, the current flow of this process is totally independent to control it current flow direction.

2. Structure:

      The resistive heater can be made of the conductive PTC rubber material. Inside of it, the resistivity increases exponentially with the increase of temperature. This heater will produce high power when cold and quickly heated to a constant temperature. As the resistivity increases exponentially, the heater cannot be heated to a higher temperature than this. At this temperature, rubber acts as an insulator. The temperature can be selected in the rubber production process. The typical temperature is from 0~80℃.


       It is an intelligent self-regulating heater and self - limiting heater. 

  • Self - regulation means that each point of the heater is independent of the constant temperature without regulating electronics. 

  • Self - limiting means that the heater cannot exceed a certain temperature at any point and does not require excessive heat protection.

3. Specification:

Dimention of mounting hole
Unit:mm. As per required.
Dimention of the finUnit:mm. As per required.
Rated Voltage
Rated Power2000W
Heating Meathod
Heat radiation by air flow
Heating materialPTC semi-conductor

Why choose us?

  • We're experienced in this field for over 16years. 

  • Besides, we are equipped with the most professional research & development team. 

4. Notice before buying:

       We Thermal International Generally offer various types of product so as to satisfy customers' different needs. Please just feel free to send us your specific needs, better with its technical drawing and more pictures from different angle for our reference. Or we can recommend you the most suitable product. 

5. Certificate:


6. Company profile:


Thermal International Co., Ltd.

        Thermal International offers heating element for domestic & industrial appliances applications, thermostats, switch, indicated lamp, ceramic item, timer and so forth. We are one of the leading experienced manufacturer as well as supplier of the spare parts for nearly 16 years. 

        We always provide excellent products and the most competitive price. Welcome to send your inquiry and build long-term win-win business relationship with you. 

7. Delivery: 

  • For sample or trial order of small quantity, we shall advise the Express Delivery for the high-efficient shipment. 

  • And for bulk purchase, we generally apply to the sea transportation. Of course, that would depend on the customers' requirements. 

8. Payment: 

Western Union, L/C, T/T and so forth. 

9. Our advantages:

1). Easy installation.

2). Fast heat exchange rate.

3). Long transfer of heat radiation.

4). Excellent corrosion resistance.

5). Designed and built for safety.

6). Low cost with long service life and high efficiency.

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