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Other Fan Heating Element

  • OEM SS Heating Element For Electric Warmer

    OEM SS Heating Element For Electric Warmer

    The OEM SS heating element for electric warmer is a metal tube, along the tube in the center of the central axis of the spiral electric heating alloy wire (nickel chromium, iron chromium alloy) filled with the gap with a good insulation thermal conductivity of magnesia sand,...Read More

  • Factory U-type Warmer Heating Element

    Factory U-type Warmer Heating Element

    The factory U-type warmer heating element has strong resistance to chemical corrosion, which is applicable to heat in highly destructive liquid. The heating tube uses SUS316. All Teflon heaters can match with PT-100, Temperature fuse, and temperature switch.Read More

  • Oven Barbecue Heating Element

    Oven Barbecue Heating Element

    Manufacturer / supplier of spare parts for Home Appliance & Industrial Use in China, offering thermostat, heating element, timer, indicated lamp, hot plate, ceramic item etc. We've been establishing our market in USA, South Africa, Korea, Turkey etc.Read More

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