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High Quality Air-cooler Defrost Heating Element

High Quality Air-cooler Defrost Heating Element

Defrost heating element for industrial use. Mainly applicable to various refrigeration equipment such as cold storage, refrigeration, display, island cabinet, etc.

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Product Details

Product Outline:

Product Info.:

High Quality Air-cooler Defrost Heating Element

1. General Specification Details:

a. Brand: Thermal International.

b. Place of origin: Shenzhen, China(mainland).

c. Working voltage: 110~460V.

d. Rated power: 100~5000W, available. 

e. Pipe material: Stainless Steel, Quartz glass. 

f. Pipe diameter: 6.5mm, 8.0mm, 8.3mm, 8.5mm, 9.0mm,10mm,10.8mm,11mm. Customized. 

g. Main function: defrosting. 

h. Certificate: CE, VDE. 

i. Customized service: OEM service is acceptable. Welcome to send us your drawing for further discussion. 

2. Product Introduction:

Working Principle: 


       Frost-free refrigerator is not a real frost-free refrigerator. As a matter of fact, it has adopted the finned evaporator to hid the real evaporator. Through the fan, it sends cold air through the various air channels to various parts to achieve the purpose of cooling, It should be noted that each frost-free refrigerator has a mechanical or electronic defrosting system, when the compressor works after a period of time ( about 8 - 12 hours ) the surface of the fin evaporator will also frost, such as the middle part of the fin evaporator is provided with an electric heating wire and a bimetallic temperature control and temperature fuse, and when defrosting, the evaporator is heated by the electric heating wire to a certain temperature, the bimetallic temperature control is switched off after defrosting is finished, and refrigeration is resumed. The water formed by defrosting flows from the box to the water storage box at the bottom of the refrigerator through a water diversion pipe, and is automatically evaporated by heating.

3. Performance & Application:

        It is generally designed and developed for electric heating defrosting on various refrigeration equipment such as cold storage, refrigeration, display, island cabinet, etc. Due to the characteristics of high indoor humidity, low temperature, frequent cold and hot impact and the like when the refrigerating equipment works, on the basis of a tubular electric heating element, high-quality modified magnesium oxide is adopted as a filler, stainless steel is adopted as a shell, after the shrink tube is adopted, two terminals are pressed and sealed by special rubber, so that the electric heating tube can be normally used in the refrigerating equipment. And can bend any shape as desire by that user. It can be conveniently embedded on the fins of the air cooler and condenser and the chassis of the water accumulation tray for defrosting. 

       The performance of the product has been proved by more than twenty years of practice, it is generally equipped with: 

(1). good defrosting effect; 

(2). stable electrical performance; 

(3). high insulation resistance; 

(4). corrosion resistance and ageing resistance; 

(5). strong overload capacity; 

(6). small leakage current;

(7). stable and reliable; 

(8). Long service life and so forth.

4. Technical Data:

  • the moisture insulation resistance of 200 m Ω or higher.

  • the resistance value can get to 30 m Ω or higher after the damp heat test insulation.

  • tidal leakage current is no more than 0.1 mA.

  • surface load: no more than 3.5W/cm² or less.

  • working temperature is 150 ℃. ( up to 300℃).

5. Product Advantages:

1). Mainly used in cooling fan, refrigerator, freezer and other refrigeration equipment.

2). good insulation and water resistance.

3). good corrosion with stainless steel 304 as the outer tube material.

4). generally use oven moisture treatment, color is beige, can be high temperature annealing treatment, electric heating tube surface color is black or dark green.

6. Product Pics Presentation:






7. Certificate: CE/VDE etc.


8. About Us:


Thermal International Co., Ltd.

       Spare parts manufacturer & supplier from China. We generally will offer all kinds of heating element, thermostat, timer, Australia, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey and other countries every year. Quality is surely guaranteed. 

9. Terms of Payment & Order Delivery:

  • T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C etc.

  • For sample order or trial order, International Express Delivery is OK, like the FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT

  • etc. Customized as per customers' specific requirements. 


9. Frequently Asked Question:


1. Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We're an experienced factory with our exclussive Research & Development team. 

    Offering you the most professional service. 

2. Will you accept customized requirement?

A: Of course, customized service is surely acceptable. Welcome to send us your drawing and more detailed           specification parameters. We can supply you the products as per your specific requirements. 

3. Could I get some sample?

A: Yes, generally, 1pc sample for free is available. But if you need more samples, we may need to charge you       some cost. Besides, for certain products, it may need to open mold before sampling, then we shall need to         have the mold fee before sample. 

4. What's the delivery time for sample?

A: Generally it shall take 5~7days. For certain products, we need to prepare the materials for it. That depends.

5. What do you generally do in regarding to the products' quality control? 

A: We always put much emphasis on products quality. That's the priority. We shall contact strict quality                 inspection towards the products before delivery. And we've obtained the VDE, CE, UL, ISO and so forth. 

10. Inquiry Needed:

a. detailed specification requirement, such as the working environment, voltage, power, length and so forth.

b. sample or technical drawing for our reference. 

c. expected order quantity. 

d. additional requirements to the logo, package etc. 

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