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Stainless Steel Air Cooler Defrost Heating Element

Stainless Steel Air Cooler Defrost Heating Element

Manufacturer / supplier of spare parts for Home Appliance & Industrial Use in China, offering thermostat, heating element, timer, indicated lamp, hot plate, ceramic item etc. We've been establishing our market in USA, South Africa, Korea, Turkey etc.

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Product Description:

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Technical data:

1. the damp insulation resistance ≥ 200mΩ.

2. insulation resistance ≥ 30mΩ after wet heat test.

3. tidal leakage current ≤ 0.1 mA.

4. surface load ≤ 3.5W/cm.

5. the working temperature is 150 ℃. ( up to 300 c )

Product advantages:

1. the products are mainly applicable for refrigeration equipment such as air cooler, refrigerator, freezer, etc;

2. with the characteristics of good insulation, generally it is waterproof;

3. the production of frost heating element generally uses stainless steel 304 as the outer pipe material, with good corrosion;

4. generally adopts the oven moisture treatment, color is beige, can carry on the high temperature annealing treatment, electric heating tube surface color is black or dark green.


Matters & Solutions:

Q: What will happen if the refrigerator defrosting heating element is broken? 

A: When the defrosting system of the refrigerator has a defrosting failure, the refrigeration of the whole machine is becoming poor. The following three types of failures may occur:

1 ) no defrosting at all, the whole evaporator is full of frost.

2 ) the evaporator can defrost normal near the heating element, while frosting where far away from the heating element on both sides and the top part.

3 ) evaporator frost layer is normal, water tank to the bottom of the evaporator filled with ice.

How often does the defrost function run?

Generally about every 3 months:

1, cut down the power supply of the the refrigerator, take out the contents.

2, open the door of the refrigerator, let the ice inside natural away, don 't knock with a blunt instrument.

3, can be properly heated with electric hair dryer, after all the ice, wipe clean with cloth;

4, wipe clean, electricity, after waiting for the refrigerator to completely cool in the food. 




Our Packing- standard export packing:

Inquiry Needed:

1. Voltage & power;

2. Length(the effective heating length);

3. pics or samples;

4. technical drawing;

5. expected order quantity. 

About Us:

Thermal International Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer as well as supplier of spare parts of all kinds both for home appliance & industrial use. 

Mainly about the timer, thermostat, heating element, indicated lamp etc.

OEM Service is available!


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1. Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We're an experienced factory with our exclussive Research & Development team. 

    Offering you the most professional service. 

2. Will you accept customized requirement?

A: Of course, customized service is surely acceptable. Welcome to send us your drawing and more detailed           specification parameters. We can supply you the products as per your specific requirements. 

3. Could I get some sample?

A: Yes, generally, 1pc sample for free is available. But if you need more samples, we may need to charge you       some cost. Besides, for certain products, it may need to open mold before sampling, then we shall need to         have the mold fee before sample. 

4. What's the delivery time for sample?

A: Generally it shall take 5~7days. For certain products, we need to prepare the materials for it. That depends.

5. What do you generally do in regarding to the products' quality control? 

A: We always put much emphasis on products quality. That's the priority. We shall contact strict quality                 inspection towards the products before delivery. And we've obtained the VDE, CE, UL, ISO and so forth. 

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