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Capillary Thermostat for Refrigeration System

Capillary Thermostat for Refrigeration System

Temperature Sensor for Capillary Thermostat, Wks Thermostat, Capillary Thermostat manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Capillary Thermostat, Washing Machine Heating Element, Inserting Thermostat Used in Oven and so on.

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Capillary Thermostat for Refrigeration System






      When the temperature change of the objects controlled has an influence on the thermostat’s inside substance(generally the liquid), and having the relevant thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon, the mould box that connected with the temperature-sensing part will accordingly expand or shrink. 

       By mean of the lever principle, start the switching off action, so as to reach the constant temperature. This type of thermostat is equipped with the accurate temperature sensing, stable & reliable, small temperature difference of the ON-OFF action, wide range of temperature controlling, and big overload current. 

       Thermostat of this kind is generally applied in home appliance, electric heating equipment and the refrigeration industry to control the temperature. 

Technical parameters:

1. Temperature setting range: -35~320℃;

2. Length of capillary tube: Standard in 70cm. Can be customized as per required. 

3. Length of the thermal bulb: Standard diameter in 6mm. Can be customized as per required. 

4. Current & voltage: 16A/250V 50~60Hz.

5. Sensitivity: 0~1℃.

6. Installation size: 28±0.25mm;

7. Body temperature: Temp.145℃.

8. Current intensity: 800V/s between the two pins. 

9. Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ.

10. Insulation between two pins: ≤50MΩ.

11. Life time: ≥100,000times.

12. Electric strength: AC2000V/min.

13. Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ;

14. Tidal insulation resistance: no less than 10MΩ.

15. Temperature response rate: no more than 1.0℃/min.

16. Minimum current: 200mA.

17. Certificate: with CE/CCC/CQC approval. 

Matters needing attention:

1. Customers pls send us your required order model and the relevant specifications, based on your products' characteristics as well as the controlling temperature;

2. During the installation, pls noted that the sensing pipe entire body shall close to the controlled surface, so as to achieve the goal of precisely temperature controlling. 

3. The sensing pipe shall not be bent in case of any influence towards its performance.

4. Do not let the conductive gas or conductive material close to or contaminate the surface of thermostat, so as to avoid affecting its electrical insulation performance.

5. Over length of the M4 wire that used to fix the bracket should be avoid, or else it shall cause damage to the thermostat property. 

6. Bending capillary diameter shall be no less than 5mm. 

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