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Element Classification
- Mar 08, 2017 -

Constant temperature heating PTC Thermistors can be made into various shapes and different sizes, common are disc-shaped, square, bars, rings, PTC heating element and metal components are combined to form a variety of forms of power PTC heating elements.

Common utility PTC ceramic heating elements are: drug mosquito repellent, hand warmer, dryer, electric panels, electric iron, electric iron, electric glue, pin curl perm. Power is small, high thermal efficiency.

Automatic constant temperature of PTC heating elements: small crystal device incubator thermostat, thermostat, electronic vacuum flask, insulation, insulation, thermal insulation, heat preservation, insulation and so on. Automatic heat preservation, simple structure, good temperature characteristics and high thermal efficiency.

PTC hot air heating elements: small Wen Feng heater, hair dryer, heating, drying, dry closets, clothes dryers, industrial drying equipment, output power, speed of hot air heat, security and can automatically adjust its power consumption.