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​The Fixed Position of the Cartridge Heater
- Jan 11, 2018 -

The Fixed Position of the Cartridge Heater 

       In practical industrial applications, basically all the cartridge heater need to be fixed, so in the actual application process, how to correctly fix the cartridge heater?

  • 1. Cartridge heater does not need to be fixed in the common mold heating process, it is directly installed in the heating hole to conduct the heat transfer. For those cartridge heater that need to be fixed, it is generally to weld a installation thread on the basis of the cartridge heater, usually have the 6 points, 1 inch, etc;

  • 2. For U-shaped cartridge heater, it can be said that the most fixed methods for cartridge heater can be achieved with the fasteners;

  • 3. For flange-typed cartridge heater, it is characterized by its easier installation. Flange installation is generally divided into flat flange installation and thread flange installation, flat flange installation, need mother flange welding on the box, and then with flat flange single head double spring heating pipe flange for sealing; Screw flange installation is to tap on the fixed plate, and then directly screw up the screw flange.