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Simple calculation when purchasing the defrost element
- Jan 16, 2018 -

Simple calculation when purchasing defrost element

       Before and during the process of purchasing a suitable defrost element, we need to make a simple calculation of the purchased defrost element, and get some basic and simple specifications, like the power, arc length, load and other factors, so that we can get a great advantage during the purchasing and bargaining process. Now list three commonly used formulas as below:

1.power calculation formula: P=2U/R

(P for power, U for voltage, R for resistance value)

2.arc length calculation formula: L=nπR/180°

(L for length, n for angle, π for 3.14, R for radius)

3.surface load calculation formula: w =φ( diameter ) *3.14 (π) *L ( actual heating length ) *W ( standard surface load )

       It is generally believed that in choosing a suitable defrost element, we must first know the power of the electric heating element and see if it meets the heating demand. In addition, the heating element can also be identified by simple experiments: the most intuitive way to verify the advantages and disadvantages of the electric heating element is: first to clean the surface of the electric heating tube, and then turn on the AC 220 v power supply, dry burning in the air, the surface is red after power outages, after waiting for the electric heating tube is completely cooled, wipe with a napkin, white paper should be no black oxide powder ( not reactive with oxygen in the air ), prove that the electric heating tube is of high quality.