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Preparation before installation - Electric Tracing Band
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Preparation before installation - Electric Tracing Band

  1. All heat tracing cables shall be tested for circuit continuity and insulation performance and shall not be used in accordance with regulations.

  2. Electrical and control equipment shall be visually inspected, deformed, cracked, defective and un-repairable and unusable. 

  3. Before installation, check the pipe number, pipe specification, process conditions, heat tracing cable parameters, specification and model, specification and model of electrical equipment and control equipment one by one according to the electrical heat tracing system diagram before installation.

  4. There is no product mark, or the mark is illegible and cannot be installed.

  5. Before installing the electric heat tracing system, all the heat tracing pipelines must be constructed and checked by hydraulic test ( or / and air tightness test ).