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Operation Process of the Electric Types of Electric Heaters
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Operation Process of the Electric Types of Electric Heaters

During the operation, the electric heating element generally should follow the below principles:

  • 1.Before using, having a good command of the electric heating element’s application environment, whether it is the medium conduction or infrared radiation;

  • 2.After having a general idea of the employed electric heating element, then should select appropriate power for it, under the premise of ensuring the effective use of temperature requirements, in the meanwhile, pay attention to the problem of power load;

  • 3.Fully understand electric heating element’s application temperature requirements, choosing the right power for it, in general, the bigger power, the faster heating, and vice versa.

  • 4.Bear in mind that the dry-burning is strictly prohibited, specially for the immersed heating element;

  • 5.For those anti-dry electric heating element, special attention should be paid to the heat dissipation effect of the environment, dividing into the still air and flowing air matters;

  • 6.Fully understand the application voltage of the electric heating element, generally speaking, there are the 220V and the 380V applicable to the electric heating element;

  • 7.Having a good understanding of the connection mode of electric heating element, there are usually star connection method and triangle connection method, a single electric heating pipe can be 220V or 380V, multiple electric heating pipe 380V voltage.