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Introduction of the square flange heating element
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Introduction of the square flange heating element

       The square flange heating element is to weld or screw a number of electric heating pipe to a flange, forming a high power, integral folding heater. The temperature control probe can be welded on the flange to make the integral heater with controllable temperature. It can prevent the dry burning and prolong the service life effectively. There are two kinds of connection, one is the threaded connection, and the other is the flange connection, which is commonly known as flat flange connections. Common specification size dn50mm - dn300mm, the commonly used materials are brass, stainless steel, 10#steel. It is generally applicable to the electric water heater, electric boiler, solar system, solar water tank, chemical pool, bath, swimming pool and other places to be heated.


Reference technical parameters:

1 ) voltage: 220V/380V;

2 ) heating pipe diameter: 8.5~32mm;

3 ) heating pipe: ss304 stainless steel, sl3316 stainless steel, No.10 steel, copper;

4 ) main power: 3kw - 150kw;

5 ) working pressure: 1.0mpa - 3.0mpa;

6 ) flange and thread head material: stainless steel, carbon steel, copper.