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Introduction of the Mold Heater
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Introduction of the Mold Heater

Mold Heater

       Mold heater has the characteristics of simple forming device, small equipment investment, simple mould structure, etc. it is still one of the most popular means of production in today 's highly developed mechanized and automated production. However, there are many key techniques in die design for compression molding. The heating, heat preservation, cooling and clamping structure of the die is an indispensable part of the design of the composite die. Structural design directly affects the appearance and internal quality uniformity of the product, and also affects the forming efficiency of the product. Steel heating is almost all plastic molding die design must adopt the heating means, can be designed for one-way wiring, two-way wiring and other forms, material can be used with seamed heating element, seamless heating element, stainless steel tube, etc., characterized by small heat loss, high thermal efficiency, simple wiring, can be designed as required for 220V or 380V. And the wiring is flexible.