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Installation Considerations of the Electric Tracing Band
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Installation Considerations of the Electric Tracing Band 

       1). Do not drag on the ground during installation of the heat tracing cable to avoid damage by sharp objects. Do not contact with high temperature objects to prevent welding slag splashing onto the heat tracing cable.

       2). Heat tracing cable has good flexibility, but it is not allowed to be hard folded. when bending is required, the bending radius shall not be less than 6 times the thickness of heat tracing cable.

       3). It is strictly prohibited to hard hit the heat tracing cable with heavy objects. if the heat tracing cable is smashed, the electric test shall be carried out again before it can be used after it is qualified.

       4). The heat tracing cable shall be attached and fixed to the heat tracing pipeline ( or equipment ) to improve the heat tracing efficiency. Special cable tie shall be applied when fixing the heat tracing cable. it is strictly prohibited to bind with wire.

       5). Non - metallic piping shall be provided with an aluminium tape between the outer wall of the pipe and the heat tracing cable to increase the contact heat transfer area.