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Eleven Elements of the Rotary Switches Quality Inspection
- Aug 10, 2018 -

A: choice of the copper sheets:

1. when observing the size of copper sheet in the same material, the longer the ship type switch is, the better ( because the distance between sockets depends on the length of copper sheet, the wider the distance between sockets, the easier it is to insert two or three plugs at the same time ).

2. the thicker the copper sheet, the better ( the elasticity of the copper sheet will affect the service life of the socket )

3. see if copper sheet belongs to one-step forming copper sheet

Old fashioned riveting copper sheet ( obviously, it can be seen that the materials at both ends are completely different from those of the middle bridge, and there are obvious riveting points ):

The one-time forming is always better than the old-fashioned riveting copper sheet, because the copper sheet formed by one-time forming of the boat switch is always smaller than the riveting resistance, the smaller the relative calorific value, the better elasticity, the higher the safety factor, and the higher the conductivity ). its principle is the same as that of the wire in the home decoration house conduit, and the difference between a complete wire and a knotted wire.

4 contact mode between socket copper sheet and plug conductive sheet:

A: point contact:

B: surface contact:

Surface contact is always more conductive and safer than point contact ( point contact tends to produce sparks and copper sheets are easier to loosen )

B: selection of flame retardant backseat:

5. use lighter to burn back seat, the smaller the burning probability, the better ( the higher the safety ).

6. it is best to melt and not burn.

7. the smaller the odor, the better. the sooner the odor disappears, the better. ( less harmful substances )

C: selection of rocker and support head:

8. the strong spring support head is always better than the rubber head support ( because the rubber head support lubricant will wear out after drying, which will cause the switch to be inflexible and the phenomenon of jamming ( slipping off ).

9. the bigger the rocker, the better ( because the bigger the rocker, the better the heat dissipation )

10. full silver plating on the rocker is always better than partial silver plating and no silver plating at all ( because silver is always more conductive than copper )

11. look at the size of the seesaw contact ( of course, the material is more important, but as a general owner, the material cannot be seen. this is not to say ) the bigger the contact, the better.