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Discussion about the custom made heating elements technology
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Discussion about the custom made heating elements technology

       Among all the heating equipment applications, the stainless steel electric heating element is one of the most commonly used electric heating element. Due to its simple structure, it has been widely applicable for various heating fields such as cigarette machinery, pharmaceutical machinery. Therefore, the production and technology of electric heating pipe can not be ignored, the present uneven products market are mostly because of the ignorance of unqualified products flowing into the market, resulting in the bad loss of both the buyers and users. 

       Stainless steel electric heating element is a special electrical components to convert electrical energy into thermal energy, with metal tube as the shell, along the central axial distribution of spiral electrothermal alloy wire ( nickel chromium, iron chromium alloy ) its gap filling compaction with good insulation and thermal conductivity of magnesia, both ends of the nozzle with silica gel or ceramic seal. Manufacturers to produce qualified products, not only in the technical clearance but also in the source is the material selection of good, especially in the pipe must choose the material of temperature and corrosion resistance, resistance wire selection is better cr20ni80, sealing with silicone oil + 704 sealant is preferred. Magnesium oxide powder selection of high quality no use of three no products.

       Technical parameters for stainless steel electric heating element:

  • 1.the voltage can be designed as: 12 - 660v(380v);

  • 2.single injection power: 15kw and 30kw;

  • 3. materials: 10 # iron, T4 copper, 1cr18ni9ti stainless steel, ti titanium, etc.

  • 4. specifications: u - shaped, w - shaped, special - shaped, with radiating fins, electric heating tube and explosion-proof electric heating element.