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Classifications & Characteristics of the Mold Heater(Cartridge Heater)
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Classifications & Characteristics of the Mold Heater(Cartridge Heater)

(1). According to the shape:

  • 1. miniature mold heater: φ 2.2 ~ φ 5.9 ㎜.

  • 2. standard mold heater: φ 6 ~ φ 25 ㎜.

  • 3. large-scale mold heater: φ 25 ~ φ 100 ㎜.

  • 4. two semicircle mold heater: the two semicircle mold heater are improved products of electric heating elements for common mold heater, which are formed by folding one semicircle electric heating element, and the self-expanding force after folding is matched closely with the mould holes by applying the semicircle electric heating elements, thus having the advantages of high power density, long service life, high heat efficiency and so forth.

  • 5. flat-type mold heater: this product is most effective as a heating element in a die in a special livestock environment, and is used in some tapered die holes. As well as other equipment vendors.

  • 6. hollow-type mold heater: use the hollow pipe of single head pipe to heat air quickly.

  • 7. conical-type mold heating tube, square mold heating tube these two products are in the special environment of the mold as the most effective heating element, some taper die hole.

(2). According to the outgoing standard:

  • 1. soft lead type mold heater: stainless steel soft wire is led out from inside of heating pipe, and glass fiber sleeve is sleeved outside. The process has low cost and is not easy to break wires.

  • 2. external lead type mold heater : the stainless steel hard wire is led out from the heating pipe by a lead-out rod, and then the high temperature wire is connected with the high temperature wire outside. This process is a standard process, domestic single-head pipe is such a way of extraction, low cost, widely used.

  • 3. inner lead type mold heater: high temperature wire is directly led out from the inside of heating tube. this process is costly, but it is not easy to break wires.

(3). According to the technical standards can be divided into:

  • 1. PTC automatic temperature controlled type mold heater: it is made by replacing the traditional electric heating wire with rare earth metal. the product can automatically control the temperature by using the resistance property of the rare earth metal.

  • 2. high - density type mold heater: it is produced by using the outer winding of magnesium oxide rod.

  • 3. low density type mold heater: made by using magnesia tube wire transfer.

(4). According to the power:

  • 1. low power type mold heater.

  • 2. high power type mold heater.

  • 3. medium power type mold heater.

  • 4. ultra high power type mold heater.