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Characteristics of ceramics
- Mar 08, 2017 -

Ceramic materials: compared with porcelain, pottery texture is relatively loose, with coarse particles, firing temperature is generally between 900-1500 c, lower temperatures, firing with natural color become interesting naturally, simple and generous, became one of the favorite modeling performance material for many artists. Many types of pottery, common black, white pottery, red, gray, and Huang Tao, red, grey pottery and pottery, with higher iron content of clay as a material, iron red clay in oxidizing atmosphere, reducing atmosphere is gray or black.

Ceramic materials: Comparing with pottery, porcelain is hard, dense, is strictly prohibited, high temperature resistant, rich glaze characteristics such as firing temperature is generally around 1300 ℃, China has been described as "such as chime sound, mirror, yanruyu, thin as paper" how to feel noble gorgeous porcelain, and pottery like the simple and opposite. So many artists ceramic works of art will be highlighted pottery or porcelain texture gives the viewer a very different senses, therefore, before creation of the characteristics of two different materials analysis and comparison is necessary.