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Cartridge Heater - Notice for Use
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Cartridge Heater - Notice for Use

  • 1.Generally, the heating element has longer cold ends at both ends and do not function as heating.

  • 2.The effective heating zone power design shall not exceed the limit of 10 watts/cm. For example, a 30cm long electric heating element, its power should as much as possible not exceed 300W. If the design power exceeds this limit, the heating element surface load is high, the steel pipe is easy to oxidize and corrode, which usually shall result in a short circuit.

  • 3.For mold design with temperature higher than 250degree Celsius, it is difficult to adopt electric heating element. Soldering iron core is also commonly used as a mold heating tube, characterized by high power per unit length (usually 10 mm in diameter, 8cm long specifications of soldering iron core can reach 150 watts of output power), durability, good safety, is not easy to form a breakdown short circuit, can be buried by drilling blind holes, the disadvantage is difficult to customize the design, easy to break and break when disassembling.

           The insurance protection , air switch and other insurance measures are indispensable during the circuit design, the ground should keep clean and tidy, good insulation, frequently check the electrical failure in operation, to prevent unnecessary danger.