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Advantages of the Cartridge Heater
- Jan 11, 2018 -

Advantages of the Cartridge Heater

  • 1. Electrical characteristics; 99.5 % pure high-temperature insulating magnesium oxide powder is filled as filling material, and the insulation and the pressure resistance of the filling material are better through a reducing process.

  • 2. Firmness; The shell jacket that made of stainless steel material can not be damaged by mechanical vibration and impact, and is fix by an external fastener, so that the safety is guaranteed.

  • 3. Convenient wiring; One end of the outlet structure can be connected in a limited space, and at the same time, a plurality of electric heating pipes are used simultaneously, so that the performance of the electric heating pipes can not interfere with each other.

  • 4. Good efficiency; The cartridge heater has the characteristics of small size, large power and high energy. Besides, it can generate enough heat in a short time. 

  • 5. Long service life time( the imported materials); Choosing the nickel - chromium alloy wire, high temperature resistant insulating material, structure wire winding production process, the service life is several times higher than the traditional electric heating tube products.

  • 6. Specification type: non-standard and is flexible customized as per customers’ specific requirements.