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Stainless Steel Heating Element for Water Heating 110V-240V,200W-10000W

1. Nickel Chrome resistance wire
2. Immersion Heaters are available with screw plug flanges
3. Air Heaters are available with MS or SS fins
4. Tubular heating elements with additional teflon sleeving is available forheating corrosive chemicals

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Product Details

1. Specifications:

1.Heating element with CE approval

2.Instant heating, heating element

3.Heating element for water parts

(1). stainless steel tubular heating element

(2). Water electric heater element

(3). Electric heating element

(4). Tubular, flange heater, stainless steel, incoloy sheath

(5). Kanthal wire inside, high pure MgOWith ULapproval Stainless Steel Tubular Heating Element:Tubularheatersare available in Copper, SS304, SS 310, SS316,SS321, Inconel & Incolloy sheath. Tubular heating elements are availablefor various industrial & domestic applications. We built every technicallypossible heaters as per your requirement.

2. Features:

(1). Nickel Chrome resistance wire
(2). Immersion Heaters are available with screw plug flanges
(3). Air Heaters are available with MS or SS fins
(4). Tubular heating elements with additional teflon sleeving is available forheating corrosive chemicals

3. Application:

(1)Plastic Processing machinery.
(2) Water and Oil Heating Appliances.
(3) Packaging machineries
(4) Vending Machines.
(5) Dies and Tools.
(6) Heating Chemical Solutions.
(7) Ovens & Dryers
(8) Kitchen equipments
(9) Medical equipments
(10) Used in many other applications.
When Ordering please specify
(1) Type of Heater
(2) Wattage and Voltage
(3) Diameter & length of the heater
(4) Drawing or Sample required for special configurationVarious electric heating elementSpec forWith UL approval Stainless steel tubular Heating element:Voltage&Power:110V-240V,200W-10000WSpecification1.Water heating pipe.2.The pipe workpiece are including  SUS304,SUS316,SUS321 INCOLOY840,Incoloy8003. Pipe Diameter are 6.6mm, 8.0mm and 10.0mm If a  special diameter, the need for alternative.4. The surface load of the heating pipe is  9.8W/cm2.

4. Production:

Production 5

5. Packing:

packing 1

6. Certificate:

certificate 2

7. Contact us:

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