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Thermal International Co., LTD is a sole-investing private enterprise founded in 2010, who posses 1.5 million USD at present. As a new enterprise,  Thermal International absorbs fare technology and management experience both domestic and abroad and develop itself into an professional, efficient and vivid enterprise who specializes in heating element, thermostat, switch, timer, ceramic and indicated lamp all over the world.


Up till now, Thermal International has 456 stuffs totally, with 26 engineers, 24 merchandisers and 405 workers. With well-running capital, Thermal International enjoys fast equipment updating to meet demand of markets. “LIFE WISDOM” has been what Thermal International purchase. Workshop is well-equipped and most of the products has CE, VDE or UL certificate. Upholding “HAPPY WORKING& HAPPY LEARNING, WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET”, Thermal International enjoys stable, efficient and vivid stuffs. With” PROFESSIONAL, EFFICEINT, PATIENT AND HELPFUL” principle to clients, Thermal International has established a faithful market from the public.



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